Student Spotlight Award

(National Association of Institutions for Military Education Services)
Co-Sponsored by MBS Direct, LLC
Application Period: 29 May – 30 September 2014
Winner Announced: 27 October 2014

Purpose: To celebrate academic achievements of military students in the Armed Forces Voluntary Education programs. The Student Spotlight Award is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their academic achievement to the military and civilian educational community through an exploration of how the academic experience has influenced their military career.

As a means to demonstrate your academic achievement, the committee would like you to address, in any format you select (essay, prose, art*, video*, etc.) the following theme below.  You may address the theme from a macro or micro perspective; the key is to identify what you consider your academic accomplishment(s) and then link the accomplishment(s) to your military career.

*Must be able to submit electronically or on DVD.

Theme for the 2014 Student Spotlight Award:  How has technology revolutionized higher education?

Please answer the question completely, with the final project submission not to exceed four pages if typed in essay form.  Other modes of submission (i.e. poetry, short story, video) should directly address the prompt and not exceed five minutes for video recordings and 15 pages for short stories.

Rubric for Evaluating Project Submissions

Exceeds – 2 Meets – 1 Doesn’t Meet – 0
Submission is reflective of college level work as determined by a panel of judges.  There is a logical progression of the theme in the overall presentation of the submission.  The theme is clearly identifiable as well as the link to the applicant’s military career.  If appropriate, references are cited.  No errors are evident. Submission is reflective of college level work as determined by a panel of judges.  Progression of the theme is not consistent throughout but can be extracted as one considers the overall presentation.  The theme is identifiable and the link to the applicant’s military career.  If appropriate, references are cited.  Some errors in the presentation.

Submission is not reflective of college level work as determined by a panel of judges.  Is not presented in a manner that allows for the theme to emerge and does not link to the applicant’s military career.

Why Participate: NAIMES celebrates student achievements across the Armed Forces and fosters scholarly communication between students, faculty, and the military communities we serve. Participation in the Student Spotlight Award provides students with opportunities to gain valuable experience in both oral and written presentations of their work.

Eligibility: Active duty personnel, veterans, and active duty military spouses from all service branches are invited to submit an application. ROTC students and military academy students are not eligible to apply.  Students must be current students seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Validation of College Credits Earned: Applicants pursuing an undergraduate degree are required to validate the number of college credits earned at the time of application. (See attached resume form in the Submission steps below.)

Deadline: The deadline to submit a project, including application and resume (use the attached form) is 30 September 2014.  (The online application form includes the space to attach a resume and a project.   Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The Student Spotlight Award winner will be notified no later than 27 October 2014.

Award: MBS Direct, LLC is a proud co-sponsor of this award program. A $1,200 cash prize will be awarded to the top project in five categories:  1) Undergraduate student with less than 60 credits earned, 2) Undergraduate student with 60 or more credits, 3) Graduate student, 4) Veteran, and 5) active duty military spouse.  In addition, travel funds, not to exceed $500, will be available to allow recipients to receive their award at the annual Council of College and Military Educators symposium. The 2015 CCME Symposium will be held in Anaheim, California in January 2015.


Submission Process:

  1. Fill out the online Application:
  2. Upload Project and Resume (click here for Resume template  NAIMES Scholarship Resume Form)  NOTE: Resume form only required for undergraduates.
  3. Applications must be posted online by 30 September 2014.

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Notification of Recipients: The successful recipients will be notified no later than 27 October 2014.

For more information about the NAIMES Student Spotlight Award:

Contact:   Cheri Arfsten, Director, Military and Veterans Programs
Pikes Peak Community College   (719) 502-3054

NAIMES Preamble: National Association of Institutions for Military Education Services (NAIMES) is committed to promoting high quality, pedagogically sound educational opportunities for the military community.  NAIMES endorses the ideals of voluntary education and in doing so represents a wide range of colleges and universities.